Teams can now have multiple booking pages!
Add more than one booking page to your Team. All under one billing account.
For existing customers, 1 booking page is included for free with each team member. Extra booking pages cost extra. See our current pricing details here:
See the clip below on how add a new booking page to your team:
Kapture 2020-04-04 at 12
Customize your Floating Button Image
Now you can customize your floating button image!
All you need to do is log into your account, go to
Website Setup
2. Edit Floating Button
> click on the pencil icon below
Button Image
to upload your image.
Screen Shot 2020-03-27 at 11
Lock guest timezone
You can lock guest timezone now through your booking page's page settings.
A user case for locked guest timezone can be if you are a virtual receptionist whose timezone is Pacific Time (PT) but you are booking for law firms located in Eastern Time (ET). Instead of switching your timezone to ET every time when you are booking guest, you can now lock your timezone.
Once your booking page's guest timezone is locked, it applies to all event types listed on your booking page. Remember this is different from setting your account's timezone. To do that, you will need to go to
Account Settings
> change your
Time Zone
To lock guest timezone, go to
Booking Page
> click on
Page Settings
> under Guest Timezone, check
Lock guest timezone
> select the timezone that you want to lock in.
Screen Shot 2020-03-04 at 4
Date field is available on intake form
Now you can add
as a field on your intake form.
You can add a
question type such as "When is your wedding date?" on your intake form. By clicking on the date field, guests can select a date directly from a pop-up calendar.
To add "date" field to your intake form, simply go to your intake form > Edit Intake Form > Add a Form Field > Select "Date" from the Question Type dropdown menu
date field on intake form
Set up video meetings with our integration!
After much hard work, we've released our integration.
Watch the video below to learn how to use it:
Availability settings have been Konmari'd + Improved copying
We've changed the way you access availability settings. They have been moved back into a button. Previously the settings were in the side bar which many users did not find intuitive (especially on mobile).
Screen Shot 2019-09-29 at 3
This change also merges event duration, padding, and max guests with the availability settings, so as to bring them all into one place:
Screen Shot 2019-09-29 at 3
As a result of the merge, we've added more granular copying. Now you can choose which settings to copy to other event types.
Screen Shot 2019-09-29 at 3
Stripe Payments: We are SCA ready for European payments
If your business or customers are in Europe, and you use Stripe payments with your CozyCal booking page, you will be happy to hear that we now support Strong Customer Authentication. SCA requires additional verification when checking out due to the new PSD2 regulations. Businesses that don't support SCA may soon be missing out on a portion of their revenue.
Read more about SCA here:
Screen Shot 2019-09-16 at 8
Team admins can now view their team member's calendars 😎
If you're a team admin, you will see a new filter bar at the top right of your calendar. Click on it to view different team member's calendars.
Screen Shot 2019-09-03 at 1